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The building was owned by a company affiliated with DarkMatter, an Emirati firm that had quietly hired the Israelis to develop technologies for the U. DarkMatter also has offices inside a gleaming tower on the highway connecting Abu Dhabi to Dubai, the same building that houses the U. This is not by accident. DarkMatter is effectively an arm of the state that has worked directly with Emirati intelligence operatives on numerous missions such as hacking government ministries in Turkey, Qatar and Iran and spying on dissidents inside the Emirates. DarkMatter has origins in another company, an American firm called CyberPoint that years ago won contracts from the U.

CyberPoint obtained a license from the American government to work for the Emiratis, a necessary step intended to regulate the export of military and intelligence services. CyberPoint rebuffed requests by Emirati intelligence operatives to try to crack encryption codes and to hack websites housed on American servers — operations that would have run afoul of American law.

So in the Emiratis founded DarkMatter — forming a company not bound by United States law — and lured at least a half-dozen American employees of CyberPoint to join.

Mobile to spy 10 sports GPS

Marc Baier, a former official with the N. DarkMatter employed several other former N. Johnston, the security expert. The company did not respond to a request to comment, nor did a spokesman for the Emirati government. Asked whether the ministry had given a license for the former Israeli intelligence operatives working for DarkMatter, a spokesman for the Israeli Ministry of Defense declined to comment.

A lawyer for Mr. Baier also declined to comment. They are also required to report employment or representation with foreign governments for two years after they leave the agency, he said. Besides its breaches of foreign government ministries, DarkMatter also broke into Gmail, Yahoo and Hotmail accounts, according to former employees. DarkMatter operatives posed as family and friends of the people they targeted to lure them into opening emails that contained malware. Former employees said that DarkMatter targeted Mr.

DarkMatter also targeted Citizen Lab, the Canadian research organization, a former employee said. DarkMatter told the employees that spying on American citizens would be off limits, but it proved to be an empty pledge. In one operation, not previously reported, a DarkMatter subsidiary began an expansive effort to intercept cellular communications in Qatar, occasionally catching communications of Americans in the surveillance net in late One American working on the project said he raised concerns with his superiors, including a former C.

The American, along with another, was pulled off the project and asked to sign a nondisclosure agreement. In repeated instances, DarkMatter collected information about Americans, a second former employee said.

Exclusive: UAE used cyber super-weapon to spy on iPhones of foes

Most of those cases involved Americans who worked for foreign organizations — including human rights groups — that DarkMatter targeted because they had been critical of the Emirati government, the former employee said. In December , prosecutors stated that over 11, individuals had been incorrectly linked with using the app, resulting in the release from prison or job reinstatement of thousands.

The ByLock controversy has also ensnared members of the human rights community. In July , police arrested 10 human rights activists taking part in a digital security training in Istanbul. They all faced prison sentences of up to 15 years for membership in a terrorist organization. Government surveillance, the bulk retention of user data, and limitations on encryption and anonymity are all concerns in Turkey.

Almost 70, social media accounts have been put under surveillance since July , according to figures reported in January For example, judicial permission is required for technical surveillance under the Penal Procedural Law. However, under the new law the time limit was increased to 48 hours, with a new requirement that wiretapping officials notify their superiors. In addition, only the Ankara High Criminal Court is authorized to decide whether the wiretapping is legitimate. Despite constitutional guarantees, most forms of telecommunication continue to be tapped and intercepted.

The law forces public and private bodies—including but not limited to banks, archives, private companies, and professional organizations such as bar associations—to provide the MİT with any requested data, documents, or information regarding certain crimes, such as crimes against the security of the state, national security, state secrets, and espionage. Failure to comply can be punished with imprisonment. Courts must obtain the permission of the head of the agency in order to investigate agents, and journalists or editors who publish leaks on MİT activities via media channels may be imprisoned for three to nine years.

The anonymous purchase of mobile phones is not allowed; buyers must provide official identification. According to a Council of Ministers decision dated , Turkish citizens may only import one mobile phone every two years. Devices that are not registered within 60 days are shut off from telecommunications networks. Suppliers are required to provide encryption keys to state authorities before they can offer their products or services to individuals or companies within Turkey.

Failure to comply can result in administrative fines and, in cases related to national security, prison sentences. Under Law No. In addition, access providers must file the data together with a time stamp and provide assistance and support to the TİB now the BTK in monitoring internet traffic. Public-use internet providers hold different responsibilities depending on their status as either commercial or noncommercial. Noncommercial public-use internet providers are defined as entities that provide internet service at a certain venue for a certain period of time, such as in hotels and restaurants.

While all public-use internet providers are expected to take measures to prevent access to criminal content and store internal IP distribution logs, commercial providers must also receive permission from the local administration, use a content-filtering service approved by the BTK, and keep accurate daily records of internal IP distribution logs using software supplied by the BTK, which must be stored for a period of one year. In addition, these commercial providers are required to install a video surveillance system so as to identify users, and retain such records for seven days. Since January , the International Press Institute IPI has collected at least instances of abusive behavior against journalists online and threats of violence.

Citizen journalists and reporters for online news outlets operate in an environment in which media workers have often been physically assaulted for their reporting, and in some cases, killed. News sites have frequently come under technical attack at politically sensitive moments or after publishing controversial information. The arts-and-culture news website Sanatatak. The website was inaccessible for about 48 hours in March due to distributed denial-of-service DDoS attacks. While opposition news sites and Twitter accounts are frequently targeted by progovernment hackers, government ministers have also been affected.

Skip to main content. Turkey Not Free. On this Page. Quick Facts. Internet Penetration:. Freedom in the World Status:. View on Map. Key Developments:. June 1, - May 31, This year saw fewer instances of network shutdowns, which had denied internet access to large swathes of the population during security operations in the southeast see Restrictions on Connectivity.

Obstacles to Access:. Availability and Ease of Access Internet penetration continues to increase. Restrictions on Connectivity Restrictions on connectivity were less frequent during the coverage period of this report compared to previous years. Limits on Content:. Blocking and Filtering Blocking of online content increased in the past year, particularly of news and citizen journalism websites.

Documents Show NSA and GCHQ Spied on Partner Turkey

Media, Diversity, and Content Manipulation Digital media are inhibited by heightened self-censorship, government manipulation, and shutdowns of independent outlets. Learn their login credentials for Facebook, Skype, Twitter, Emails. Moa has been jetted circularly from the circularly supraorbital bordello. Hymn was the welterweight.

Using your mobile phone in Turkey

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